Lead Butch and Melony Bragg
CONGRATS GRADS! Congratulations to all graduates! We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments in June!
A teen church reaching this generation with the grace of Christ.
Wednesdays at 7pm TEEN CHURCH upstairs
Core TEEN CLASS Sundays after worship meet upstairs both services
TEEN CHURCH VOLUNTEERING By being a teen church volunteer you get to laugh and have fun, but you also get the once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in a young person's spiritual walk. Prayerfully consider being a part!


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Lead Butch and Melony Bragg

At Cross Culture Teen Church, we deal with the real problems our teens face on a daily basis. We meet them on their level and help them make sense of it all, as we call them to higher places. We provide a safe, friendly place for them to grow and just be themselves. They find true self-esteem as they begin to see themselves the way God sees them; as valuable, and irreplaceable. We help them to understand the meaning of true love as they look beyond themselves to help those around them. We base our beliefs on the principals taught by God Himself, through the person of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Holy Bible. These “small town” principles and values should be the heart of every loving family. They’re the life blood that feed successful communities, as these communities build great nations like America. They help us to be a light among our peers and collectively a light to all nations.

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